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Hi, I’m Liz...

I’m a registered dietitian with a passion for peanut butter sandwiches and an undying love for chocolate. I’ve been researching, writing, and speaking about eating for optimal health and happiness for over 25 years. I’ve written four books, including two award-winning, national bestsellers. I have two wonderful daughters, love hiking outdoors, and have a definite addiction to pickleball. Perhaps, most importantly, I never let a good dance song go to waste!


“BEST SPEAKER EVER!!! She was fabulous!!! Great information, very applicable to daily life. This needs to be taught EVERYWHERE! I can’t wait to start putting some of these new ideas into practice!”

Chicago Dental Society

“Awesome. Life changing. Inspirational. Liz is passionate about her topic and makes all listeners a convert. Her presentation was seamless, and she was so energetic.”

The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario

“Best presentation of the conference. Fabulous, both content and delivery! Energized the room.”

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

“If you have a chance to see Liz – DO IT!! She doesn’t just repeat stats and facts – she really knows her stuff. If she came back tomorrow, I’d see her again in a heartbeat.”

Simcoe Board of Education

“I’ve been going to continuing education for 29 years and I have to say that Liz’s presentation was the best I have ever been to.”

Upper Island Dental Society

“Definitely have Liz speak at your next meeting and read her book. She’s fun, current, informative, and knowledgeable. She speaks with clarity, provides rationale for her recommendations, and has a realistic approach to healthy eating. She’s clearly an expert in her field and very inspiring! She is ‘a must-see’!”

Office of the Employer Adviser

“Liz Pearson is a powerful and articulate speaker. She’s clear, concise, and to the point. She has your attention – there’s never a dull moment. Bring her back anytime! Wow!”

Sunnybrook Hospital, Odette Cancer Centre

“What did I like best about Liz’s presentation? Everything! What could have made the presentation better? Nothing – it was fabulous. Liz is a dynamic speaker and so knowledgeable. She’s well-spoken and precise. Don’t miss her!! Very beneficial!!!”

Ontario Real Estate Association

“I’ve been teaching and attending Professional Development presentations for over 30 years. Liz’s presentation was the best presentation I have ever attended.”

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts

“Liz is the most dynamic speaker I’ve ever heard. The time flew. I could have listened forever. I loved her energy and conviction. She inspires confidence because she has such a command of her topic. She is a true professional.”

Diva Foundation Speaker Series

“Liz Pearson is a dietitian that inspires! This book will give you pleasure, joy, and make you think. It’s the perfect mix of delicious recipes, comprehensible nutrition insights and profound reflections on life. It’s absolutely addictive – as addictive as dark chocolate!”

Sabine Steiner, Cardiologist

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